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My Photography

I think I have always been interested in photography.  From early days with a Kodak Instamatic, my first 'proper' camera was a Zenit E SLR.  My Grandad built me a darkroom in the loft and I developed and printed black and white film.

Nowadays, I use digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras - I have a Nikon D850 and D500, a Sony A9 and A7Riv and an Olympus OMD E1 M2 - there's no such thing as too many cameras!

I like to get out in nature and shoot wildlife in wild places, but I also enjoy portraiture.  The technical and social side of being in the studio with clients still excites me and going on location shoots gives me a fantastic opportunity to combine it all!

Beach Shoot - Spain September 2019

A small selection of my favourite photos

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